Pesky Pet Problems? Let’s Find The Solution!

Welcome to Foxy Fur! Here we are passionate about canine and feline. We have created this forum that is dedicated to their well being. We are focused on health now more than ever! After many years in the grooming industry, we HEAR all of your concerns regarding your furry family members health, like Bad Breathe, Hot Spots, Itching, Chewing, Lethargy, Soreness, Anxiety, ETC… We are here to help with our Blog/Vlog loaded with useful information regarding grooming tips/suggestions, remedies for common ailments, diet information, etc. As well as access to tested and trusted products. The basics are simple, same as humans, the better your diet, the healthier less diseased you are. We are excited to introduce our supplement blends as a healthy approach to combat everyday aliments. Their health and longevity is our priority. Tell your dog I said “HI”

Lora Lynn Monefeldt, PawTree Petpro

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