Our Story

Lora Reppenhagen-Monefeldt, Owner/Operator & Certified All Breed Groomer       lc-min

My name is Lora Monefeldt and for almost 20 years, I have been a professional, certified all-breedgroomer.  I started out as a mobile groomer with a truck and trailer.  My intention was to groom pets in front of their homes, eliminating the transportation process and any anxiety that would bring.  It was a nice, quieter environment away from the hustle and bustle of a noisy salon atmosphere.  Even though the mobile grooming was a calmer experience, I quickly learned that some dogs just don’t feel comfortable with the grooming process… period! Rescue dogs most often were not exposed to the grooming process at an early age and some were not even used to human touch. Some dogs do not like nail trimmings or grinding. The elderly dogs showed signs of even higher anxiety and were less tolerant.  The blow dryers and clippers were still noisy and sometimes stressed them out to the point of seizure. All of these scenarios made grooming very challenging. I realized the need for some sort of calming products.  I tried everything from headbands to cover their ears to recommending Benadryl to make them drowsy before the grooming process began.  Our own 11-year old Labrador, Sparky started becoming terrified of high winds, lawnmowers, fireworks and any other loud noises as he aged.  It broke our hearts to see him so afraid and not be able to soothe him. 

When cannabidiol (CBD) was introduced for pet consumption, We were SO excited! CBD is a chemical found in the marijuana plant, however through the process of extraction/vaporization, CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana that produces a high. 

Our family started doing research on different product lines, studies, dosing, active and inactive ingredients, etc. We learned, in the early 1990’s, a chemist isolated the first endocannabinoids in the Human Brain. Endocannabinoids, (“Endo” refers to “within” as to within the body) are similar to the cannabinoids present in the cannabis sativa plant. The endocannabinoid system, otherwise known as ECS, is a complex signaling network within the bodies of mammals that utilizes different receptors, regulatory enzymes, and specialized components such as cannabinoids to control, influence and regulate various bodily processes. 

Adding benefit to my personal cause, according to the Mayo Clinic, a prescription cannabidiol (CBD) oil is considered an effective anti-seizure medication.  

We tried a few mainstream products with Sparky.  It seemed to work! He had more energy and better mobility.  However, we were concerned about all the additives in the mass-produced CBD dog treat products on the market.  Some including “brown sugar” as a main inactive ingredient. Maybe Sparky was just jacked up on sugar? 

We were already producing organic grain free dog treats, cookies and cakes with human grade ingredients for our own dogs and clients.  Each and every ingredient in our treats serves as a benefit to your dogs’ health.  So we decided to combine our broad spectrum, all natural CBD with a few of our recipes to combat anxiety, promote mobility and relieve pain. We all love our pets like family members and their health is as important as our own. We want to promote their quality of life as well as longevity.

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