Lora Reppenhagen-Monefeldt, Owner/Operator & Certified All Breed Groomer

My hands-on education began at the prestigious  International School of Grooming. Graduating at the top of my class I earned full certification as an All  Breed Groomer.  I extended my education  further with the Southern California  Professional Groomers Association  (SCPGA). Through extensive  demonstrations and seminars I gained the  knowledge and ability to style according  to the AKC standards.

Through experience I have  learned the differences between show, breed and pet cuts. This is important for satisfying the client. Everyone has different taste and with my expertise, patience  and understanding, I can create the very best style to fit the likes of client and pet.

I grew up in North Corona, AKA Norco. This was an amazing childhood! I would wake up early in the morning to feed, water and walk my horses and dog.  I couldn’t wait to come home from school to hop on my horse and ride with friends in the riverbed, with my beloved dog “King” in tow. Thus, after working in the corporate world for sometime in OC, I came back to my roots. I LOVE my job and am always listening to my clients wants and needs for their pets. Originally starting this business as a mobile groomer, I quickly understood the need of clients to have their pets groomed without them waiting for hours cooped up in a cage, with no way to socialize with other pets, hydrate, “do their business”, or get exercise. This is why we created the Doggy Daycare “Hound Lounge”! It is a good size, climate controlled, supervised play area. With loving/patient handlers, calming colors, toys, cots, water fountains and plenty of playmates to clown around with. We guarantee your fur baby will want to come back again and again.

2009 Best Groomer in OC                  Co-Owner, Baine                   Current Client, Beau

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