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As we approach the new year, we are focused on health now more that ever! We HEAR all of your concerns regarding your furry family members health, like Bad Breath, Hot Spots, Itching, Chewing, Lethargy, Soreness, ETC….

After some “down time” due to the pandemic… We had time to regain focus on the important things.  Spending a lot of time at home made us realize how important our family is.  Their health and longevity is the most important.  We went back to school to study Canine Nutrition.  The basics are simple, same as humans, the better your diet, the healthier, less diseased you are.  Our new line is coming soon and we are excited to address your furry family members concerns with a healthy approach to combat everyday aliments.

We look forward to continuing to serve you all and  hope to see you soon.

You may have seen us driving around town as a Mobile Pet Salon.  Foxy Fur has been servicing the Corona Community since August 2007.  With undivided attention to your furry friend, they enjoy a calm, relaxed, non-stressful environment. 


We started this business for the love of animals. After extensive research and development, school hours and hands-on seminars, I developed this business around my passion for pets.

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