DOGS: Clips, Cuts, Strips & Scissoring Include Bath Services*

• Breed Cut or Pet cut
• Lion Cut
• Teddy Bear Cut
• Daisy Cut
• Puppy Cut
• Strip

GROOMING ADD ONS:                                                       

• Hand Scissor Cut
• Dematting per min.
• Teeth Brushing
• Anti-Shedding Treatment
• Nail Polish
• Blueberry Facial
• Dye/Color
• Medicated Shampoo
• Hot Oil Treatment
• Frontline Flea Control

* Prices vary depending upon size, coat and condition, maximum 100lbs   

CATS:  Baths, Comb Outs, Lion Clip, etc. (Cat Baths $75 & Lion Clip $105)*

• Handled with utmost care
• No bags or masks
• Special all natural shampoos and conditioners
• For long hair – De-tangle products
• Flea treatments
• Claws/Nails trimmed/sanded

* Prices vary depending upon size, coat and condition



If you prefer to have a professional In-Home Pet sitter & Dog walker, We are please to refer Kristy’s TLC Animal Care.  Kristy is as loving and caring about pets as we are. She has been surrounded by pets her whole life and is very passionate about the well-being and care she provides to all the furry friends she encounters.  We met through the love of pets and became instant best friends. Please visit her website for more information.   Click Here For Website

All four legged family members are unique, (just like humans), so please call for a specific quote.